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Do you envision new windows for your home this coming year? Now is the time to do your research and come up with a plan. Unlike some home improvement projects, selecting the right windows in Calgary requires considering every aspect before arriving at a decision. Include these considerations in your planning and those new windows will serve you well for decades.

When Do You Want to Do the Replacement?

Timing does matter when it comes to a new window installation. Identify at least two time frames that would work well for you. It wouldn’t hurt to have at least three periods of time in mind. These should be periods of several days in which you or someone in the family can be home while the work is done.

When you do settle on a contractor and begin to lock in plans, discuss those time frames specifically. Depending on what the contractor already has on the schedule for other clients, your first or second choice might work fine.

Remember that some flexibility may be necessary depending on the time of year you want to replace the windows. While the work can be done any time of year, it never hurts to ask around and find when window contractors are usually less busy. If one of those time periods fits with your schedule, that’s all the better.

Standard or Custom Sizes?

The sizes of the windows in your home are also something to consider. If your home was built in the last three decades, the windows are probably all standard sizes. That’s good news, since it means finding replacements that don’t have to be modified will be easy.

When your home is a little older, the windows may not all be standards sizes. In fact, it’s a good bet that at least a few of them will be slightly larger or smaller than the current standard sizes.

You can measure the windows to get an idea of the sizing. Don’t be surprised if two windows that seem to be the same measurements at first are actually slightly different. This is especially common with homes constructed prior to the middle of the 20th century.

Remember that it is possible to arrange for a combination of standard and custom windows sizes if that’s what it takes. You’ll also find that the right contractor knows a few ways to ensure that the replacement windows in Calgary of all sizes are properly installed and sealed.

Choice of Window Materials

Do you want to go with wood again, or would some other material be a good choice? You’ll find that the vinyl windows offered today are sturdier than in decades past. They provide excellent protection as well as performance. Vinyl also provides benefits that wood cannot.

Spend some time comparing the merits of wood, vinyl and even metal. You’ll soon come up with a choice that will work well for your home.

Options for Colours and Styles

There are quite a few options for colours and styles these days. Whatever window material you choose; you can bet that a reputable replacement window company will have all sorts of options. Don’t be surprised if you are presented with as many as 300 different options for styles and colours.

Energy Ratings

Always pay close attention to the energy ratings for those new Calgary windows. A superior rating means they will make it easier to control the temperature inside the home. That pays off in terms of helping to keep the utility bills lower.

Keeping Energy Star Tax Credits in Mind

Better energy ratings mean more than lower utility costs. Based on the Energy Star rating, you could qualify for rebates and tax credits for any replacement windows and doors you select. Look for the Energy Star rating and know that you can qualify for those benefits.

Selecting the Right Company For the Window Replacement

There are qualities you want in a window installation company. Knowledgeable contractors, carefully screened and bonded crews, a reputation for getting the work done on schedule, and doing the work properly are all qualities you want. Research local companies carefully and it won’t take long to find the right one.

Even though it will be months before you want the new windows installed, now is the time to do your research and make your plans. With the right approach, all the details will be ironed out well in advance, and you can turn your attention to other projects slated for the coming year.

Called out 4 window companies to come to my home. One did not show up and the other 2 had really high prices. Canadian Choice™ had the best prices over the others and were really straight forward. Installation was great and right on time. Thank you Alex and Simon!
The team at Canadian Choice Windows™ took the time look for and explain the differences between higher and lower quality windows. They helped us select windows and a door that met our needs and were reasonable in price. The installation was fast and clean. I would recommend them to friends and family!

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