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Being the leading windows replacement company in Calgary we offer a wide range of high-quality products to our customers. For many years we have been providing professional windows installation services in Calgary and other nearby cities. Our main goal is to ensure a maximum comfort for our clients. That is why, we are constantly searching for new innovative technologies to improve the process of production to provide individuals with vinyl windows of superior quality. Installing our products you may be sure to get high-quality windows from the best manufacturer in Calgary.

If you have no idea what replacement windows products to choose, our consultants from Calgary office will provide you with comprehensive advise and help you select the item of the right color and design. We offer a wide selection of products, so you can be sure to find the model, which will suit your house's interior and exterior. Entrust the comfort of your home to experienced windows replacement specialists from Calgary and create better conditions for life.

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Today, vinyl windows have become the most popular option among many homeowners in Calgary. So, what is the reason for this popularity? Let’s try to find out!

Vinyl Windows Advantages:

  1. Vinyl windows are durable. Manufacturers selling vinyl windows in Calgary provide a guarantee of at least 10 years. However, with proper care vinyl windows can last half century without changing their properties.
  2. Vinyl windows are resistant to any weather conditions. They will not lose their shape due to high humidity as opposed to wooden ones. They will not swell and they will not lose their attractive appearance over a significant period of time, which makes a replacement windows an ultimate solution for both houses and offices.
  3. Good thermal isolation. Even a single-chamber glass unit increases thermal isolation by 20% compared to conventional windows. What's more, vinyl windows having double-glazing and a three-chambered profile reduce a heat loss by a half.
  4. The hermiticity of vinyl windows protects against noise. A single-chamber glass unit cuts 25 dB of street noise, and windows with double glazing reduce the noise level by 40 dB. Moreover, if your house or office is located on a busy street in the city center, for instance, on 5 Ave SW, you can order vinyl windows with noise insulation glazing and no traffic noise will ever permeate your peace.
  5. Vinyl windows are aesthetic. A dirty vinyl windows can be easily cleaned using just an ordinary soap - and it will become once again spotless and pristine. If the architectural design of your house requires some special kinds of windows, vinyl windows are available in a great assortment of shapes. They are as follows:
    • awning windows can be left opened when raining and match very well with other vinyl windows;
    • casement windows and sliding tilt windows let as much air into the room as possible and provide a wondrous look;
    • bay and bow windows have an amazing angular shape;
    • contour series windows make any room look glamorous and elegant;
    • single hung tilt windows, double hung tilt windows are very practical;
    • end vent windows are known for their ease of maintenance and practicality;
    • architectural windows that are available in any possible size and that will add a unique new look to your house.
  6. Safety of vinyl windows. They are impossible to be opened from the outside. In addition, vinyl windows provide a reliable protection against gnats and other insects which is huge benefit especially in summer.
  7. So as you can see, vinyl windows have plenty of advantages over traditional windows. What's more, they will add a stylish new look to your house and make it look classy. So contact our replacement and installation company and our specialists will get you your new vinyl windows in no time!

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